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Each package is 200 grams and contains 20 pieces approx. The amount of stones in a package is dependent on the weight of the stones.
Rolled stones are perfect as healing stones, and easy to take with you. A stone not only for the esoteric, but for the collector glass and an inexpensive way to develop a large and attractive collection.
Hematite stimulates the survivability, strengthens the will, brings vitality and dynamism, helps pursue goals with aplomb and fight for them if necessary, mentally stimulates concentration, memory, and original thinking, it helps to abandon harmful habits health.


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1M108.HEM 1M108.HEM
28.00 € *
3.00 € *
Hematite Donut  Size 30Mm Hematite Donut Size 30Mm
2.50 € *
Hematite Metal Bracelet Hematite Metal Bracelet
12.00 € *
Bracelet Beads Hematite 6mm Bracelet Beads Hematite 6mm
5.00 € *
Hematite Gemstone Chip Bracelet Hematite Gemstone Chip Bracelet
2.00 € *

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