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New Led Lamp Selenite

Led lamp Selenite.The fine, directional crystals of selenite have resulted in this stunning skyscraper specimen.

12.00 / unit(s) *


14.00 *

Selenite Raw Mineral Packet

Weight: 170 gr. approx.
Measure: 4.8 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.4 cm approx.

12.00 / Package(s) *


2.00 *

Selenite with Chakras Gold Pendant

Approximate size: 5 x 1 cm

18.00 *

Selenite with Chakras Silver Pendant

Approximate size: 5 x 1 cm

18.00 *

Selenite with Tourmaline Gold Pendant

Approximate size: 5 x 1 cm

15.00 *

Selenite with Tourmaline Silver Pendant

Approximate size: 5 x 1 cm

15.00 *

Selinite Raw Point Gold Pendant

Approximate size: 5 x 1 cm

12.00 *

Selenite Raw Point Silver Pendant

Approximate size: 5 x 1 cm

12.00 *

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ETYMOLOGY: It comes from the Greek, selēnē, 'luna'.



CLASS MINERAL: Sulfate of calcium .


HARDNESS: 1.5 - 2 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Mexico, Russia, Austria, Greece, Poland, Germany, England, France, USA (Orange Selenite: Peru, Canada, South America.)


MINERALOGY: A variety of gypsum mineral crystallized transparent or crystalline masses shining plates, it is a variety, common in sedimentary rocks of calcium sulphate. usually formed by the evaporation of sea water in lakes and enclosed seas, is associated with the water, the more this component in its structure. In its purest form, selenite crystals are transparent and colorless, and whether they are translucent, opaque or colored, is the presence of other minerals such as orange, green or blue selenite.
There are two types of selenite: one look likes to fishtail and the other is the pink Arena.


MYTHOLOGY: In Mexico at the Naica mine (south of Chihuahua), 300 meters underground, are giant selenite crystals with lengths exceeding 11 meters, the gypsum crystal formations of this mine grow at a rate equivalent to the thickness of a hair every 100 years. The selenite name for this mineral was introduced by the swedish chemist and mineralogist Wallerius Johan Gottschalk (1709-1785), who used the term as synonymous with transparent plaster. According to legend, it got its name from its crystals form in crescent Moon.


PROPERTIES:  It is said that selenite provides mental clarity, instills deep peace and is very good for meditation and relaxation, the selenite protects homes and their inhabitants, forming a protective shield around the house, creating a safe and quiet space , power selenite good judgment and understanding, calm states of irritability and hyperactivity, protects us not to lose control.

SELENITE ORANGE: Seats angelic energies and promotes the healing of the earth, harmonizes the will, it is useful to bring harmony to the mind body and spirit.



CHAKRAS: Crown. (Orange Selenite: Spleen, solar plexus).


USES: For agricultural marinade, construction is used to cover walls, as plates, retarder cement ore plaster, in medicine for curing bandages and immobilize broken bones, the study of the isotopy of the gypsum deposited in the ocean helps determine the temperature and fluctuations in the level of ocean waters in antiquity. Meditation, collection, decor, jewelry.