Mica- muscovite

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Lepidolite-mica pendulum

6.00 / unit(s) *

Muscovite Thumb Stone 30X40mm

Size: Height: 40mm approx.
          Width: 30mm approx.
4.00 / unit(s) *

Muscovite Mica Star 001

Approximate size: 55x4.5 cm
Approximate weight: 85 gr.

9.00 *

Mica Moscovita Star 002

Approximate size: 4x3,8 cm
Approximate weight: 50 gr.

7.00 *

Muscovite Mica Star 003

Approximate size: 5x4.5 cm
Approximate weight: 80 gr.

9.00 *

Muscovite Mica Star 004

Approximate size: 5x4,5cm
Approximate weight: 80 gr.


9.00 *

Muscovite Mica Star 005

Approximate size: 6.5x3.8cm
Approximate weight: 70 gr.


8.00 *

Muscovite Mica Star 006

Approximate size: 4,3x3,8cm
Approximate weight: 55 gr.

7.00 *

Muscovite Mica Star 007

Approximate size: 4.8x3.5cm
Approximate weight: 50 gr.

7.00 *

Muscovite Mica Star 008

Approximate size: 5.5x4.5cm
Approximate weight: 70 gr


8.00 *

Muscovite Mica Star 009

Approximate size: 5.5x4cm
Approximate weight: 90 gr.

11.00 *

Muscovite Mica Star 010

Approximate size: 5x3cm
Approximate weight: 55 gr


6.00 *

Muscovite Mica Star 011

Approximate size: 9x7,55cm
Approximate weight: 360 gr.

35.00 *


1.00 *


3.00 *


3.00 *


2.00 *


7.00 *

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Mica- muscovite

ETYMOLOGY: MICA = comes from the latin mica ( "Crumb"), perhaps because of the inclusions. MUSCOVITE = name derived from the city of Moscow, where the mineral was used as a substitute for glass.





HARDNESS:  2- 2.5 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: India, Pakistan, Brazil, Spain, USA.


MINERALOGY: It belongs to the group of micas, is the most common species of the mica group, is known as white mica or potassium mica by silvery and pearly shine. is easily peelable, flexible and slightly elastic, like other minerals from the mica, it is a very common mineral and forming different types of rocks; from the granite which is presented as a fundamental component, metamorphic rocks even in pegmatitic rocks and in many sediments.

MYTHOLOGY: You will put name in 1850 by Muscovy, the former name of a Russian province, where large crystals of this mineral were used as a substitute for glass in windows, which they called "crystal Muscovy" Antonita also called to Muscovite in Castilian. The main varieties of Moscow are Alurgita, Astrolita, Oellacherita, Chacaltaíta, Damourita, fuchsite, Verdita, Gilbertita, Moscow lithium-, phengite, Mariposita.


PROPERTIES: It is said that Moscovite provides protection, helps to act decisively and quiet in case of problems, provocations, intrigues and attacks, it helps to see things clearly and remain indifferent, encourages acceptance and unconditional love, It allows recognition of our faults, scattered insecurity and self doubt. Muscovite stimulates ingenuity.




USES: Collection, meditation, are used as thermal and electrical insulation, mica powder is used to produce heat-resistant glass (isinglass) for stoves and ovens, in addition to polish the wallpaper, mica powder mixed with oil useful lubricant.