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Lemon Chrysoprase Thumb Stone 30X40mm

Size: Height: 40mm approx.
          Width: 30mm approx.
4.00 / unit(s) *

Lemon Chrysoprase Oval Thuumb Stone 30X40mm

Size: Height: 40mm approx.
          Width: 30mm approx.
4.00 / unit(s) *

Emerald "A" Package 200 grms Rolled 1

Packages of 200 grs
"Emerald" word comes from the Greek "amargos" meaning "green stone".

10.00 / Package(s) *

Tumbled Green Fluorite Package 200 gr. 1

Packages of 200 grs
Fluorite can crystallize in the form of cubes, the largest was found in Russia, more than 2 meters and 16 tons.

6.00 / Package(s) *

Lemon Chrysoprase Donut Size 30Mm

Chrysoprase Lemon
Donut Size 30Mm
The price is for unit.
The picture is a random sample
5.00 *

Heliotrope Tumbled Pack 200 grs 1

Packages of 200 grs
The red spots of the heliotrope are iron oxide or red jasper.

4.00 / Package(s) *

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ETYMOLOGY: From the Greek jrisos = oro y tilos = fiber
MINERAL CLASS: Filosilicates.
HARDNESS: 2.5 on the Mohs scale.
FIELDS: Canada, Italy, Russia, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, USA.

 MINERALOGY:It is a mineral of secondary origin, product of the decomposition of other magnesium silicates present in igneous rocks or metamorphic. Also of hydrothermal pneumatolytic origin, by action of deep waters on basic rocks like gabro, peridotite or dunita. Chrysotile or white asbestos is a mineral of the group of silicates, subgroup phyllosilicates and within them is a serpentine -caolinite. It is a magnesium hydroxy silicate, with partial substitutions of magnesium for iron.


MYTHOLOGY: There are three chrysotile polymorphs, all fibrous:
The clinocrisotilo, is the most common and genuine chrysotile. Its name has the prefix "clino" of the monoclinic system that it presents. It is the polymorph of the monoclinic system, with formula Mg3Si2O5(OH)4. The orthocrylate , is the polymorph of the orthorhombic system, with formula Mg3Si2O5(OH)4. The paracrisotilo, is the polymorph of the orthorhombic system, with formula (Mg,Fe)3Si2O5(OH)4.

The 90% of asbestos used is of the chrysotile variety; nowadays more tends to the development of substitute materials less dangerous.

PROPERTIES: It is said that chrysotile at a spiritual level helps eliminate the waste of the past to reveal and integrate your essential self, and chrysotile is a stone of integrity and honesty, this stone can be used to bring you what you want, but you have to be sure of all the implications of that desire before using it.
CHAKRAS:Spleen, heart.
USES: Asbestos has been widely used in the past because of its chemical and physical properties, also because of its relatively low price. Asbestos is said to have more than 3,600 applications in the petrochemical, automotive, railroad, construction, naval, nuclear, etc ...,