Blue apatite

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Blue apatite pendulum 6 faces

Blue apatite 6 faces pendulum
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Blue Apatite; Rough Mineral; Madagascar

Blue Apatite; Rough mineral; Madagascar
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Blue apatite.

The enamel of our teeth and a part of the bones is formed by apatite. It's considered the stone of sincerity.


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Blue Apatite Raw Mineral Packet

Weight 130g approx. blue rough apatite package
It is considered the stone of sincerity.

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Raw mineral blue apatite

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Blue apatite chip earring silver hook

Blue apatite chip mineral earrings, with silver hook, hippie style.

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Blue Apatite Pendant ref:AP003


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Blue Apatite Pendant ref:AP004


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Apatite Blue Round Oval Round With Hole

Blue apatite tumbled oval pendant with hole
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Blue apatite
ETYMOLOGYIt comes from the Greek and means "deception" for ease of confusing it with other stones.
PRINCIPLE OF FORMATION: Primary, Secundary, tertiary.
MINERAL CLASS: Phosphates.
HARDNESS: 5 in the Mohs scale.
FIELDSMexico, Brazil, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Burma, South Africa, Norway, Sri Lanka.

MINERALOGY: Located in hydrothermal veins, pegmatites and metamorphic limestone sediment also where it is produced from organic deposits, phosphate apatite is a magmatic origin, more rarely Secundary origin, mostly made up of opaque glass..

MYTHOLOGY: In Logrosán (Extremadura) used apatite from ancient times it is said that in the Cercon Witch covens in which they threw into the fire a white powder that emitted fluorescent flashes were held, it is said that the French chemist and pharmacist Joseph Louis Proust (Angers, September 26, 1754 - ibid, July 5, 1826) first defined the fluorapatite in 1781 using samples of this Extremadura municipality which announced this mineral. The enamel of our teeth and part of the bone is formed by apatite.

PROPERTIES: Brings sincerity and sociability, is useful against apathy, reduces irritability, facilitates overcoming anger and concern reluctantly eliminates the frustration.


CHAKRAS: Throat, eyebrows.


ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus, Cancer, Leo.


USES: Apatite is the main source of phosphorus and phosphate and therefore is essential in the manufacture of mineral fertilizers. Jewelry, meditation, collection.