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Moss agate chip earring silver hook

Moss agate chip mineral earrings, with silver hook, hippie style.

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Amazonite Thumb Stone 30X40mm

Size: Height: 40mm approx.
           Width: 30mm approx.
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Amazonite 4mm faceted ball strands

Mineral: Amazonite
Form: faceted ball
Diameter: 4mm
Length (fil): 38 cm. aprox
Price is for strand.

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Amazonite Cabochon 8mm

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Scorpio amazonite box

Box with amazonite scorpio tumbled stone
40 years of minerals, CrystalsShop - RockShop in the center of Barcelona and online

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Amazonite 6mm faceted ball strands

Mineral: Amazonite
Form: faceted ball
Diameter: 6mm
Length (fil): 38 cm. aprox
Price is for strand.

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Amazonite 10mm faceted ball bead strands

Mineral: Amazonite
Form: faceted ball
Diameter: 10mm
Length (fil): 38 cm. aprox
Price is for strand.

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Amazonite Tumbled Stone Pendant

The price is per unit
14x16mm approx.

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Amazonite Thumbled Packet 200 gr Ref:Amz2

Packages of 200 grs
The name amazonite comes from the river "Amazonas", although it is doubtful that it can be found there

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Amazonite Raw Mineral Packet

Approximate size: 2.5 x 2.2 cm
Weight each package: 150 grm.
contains (10) gross approx. in each package depends on the size

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ETYMOLOGY: By the Amazon river where some green minerals were obtained.
PRINCIPLE OF FORMATION: Primary, secondary and tertiary.
MINERAL CLASS: Tectosilicates, feldspar family.
HARDNESS:6 - 6.5 on the Mohs scale.
FIELDS: Brazil, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, USA. (Colorado), Great Britain.
MINERALOGY: It is an feldspar opaque potassium, it can be of magmatic origin (Magma = mass of molten rocks) hydrothermal or in pegmatites (igneous rock = molten rock that cools and solidifies) colored due to copper, the distribution of colors is irregular. Vitreous shine, pressure sensitive.
MYTHOLOGY: was named "stone of the Amazon" by comparison with a nefrita, in ancient times the Indians thought it came from the Rio Negro in the country of women without men. However, it is doubtful whether green feldspars can be found in the Amazon area.
PROPERTIES: It is said that amazonite absorbs the emanations of the electromagnetic mist, stimulates self-determination encourages to take the reins of our own life. It allegedly eliminates grief and anxiety having a relaxing and calming effect.
CHAKRAS: Heart, throat, eyebrow
USES: Jewelery meditation. Manufacture of enamel paint for porcelain, component for the manufacture of glass.