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Tumbled Serpentine 200 gr Packet

200 gr packet
Sizes between 20x18 mm
Between 25 and 33 pieces per package
Serpentine does not come in the form of crystals.

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Serpentine pendulum

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Chrysotile Pendant Round Oval With Hole

Height: 25mm approx.
Width: 18mm approx.
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Serpentine Merkaba Pendant

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Serpentine Mini Tumbled (packet 60gr) 4

Serpentine do not appear in the form of crystals.
Mini tumbled 60 gr packet
To make orgonitas, fish tanks or whatever you can think of.

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Tumbled Size 1 Serpentine

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ETYMOLOGY: It comes from latin serpens = snake.





HARDNESS: 2 - 2.5 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: China, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Britain, Norway, Russia, Zimbabwe, Italy, USA.


MINERALOGY: The serpentine is formed by metamorphism from basic magmatitas, for example peridotite become critalinas slates, as in igneous rocks, occurs in aggregates of two structures: the leafy antigorite (leafy serpentine) and fibrous chrysotile (chrysotile asbestos), when both varieties coincide forming an alternating banded commercially speaking "silver eye". Varieties are called asbestos; fine fibers, is frequently associated with magnesite, chromite and magnetite.


BASTITA: Serpentine with a silky gloss rhombic crystalline form.

BOWENITA: Variety of serpentine apple green, often with lighter spots.

CONNEMARA: Green Rock. Growth serpentine and marble.

VERDE ANTICO: Green Rock crossed by veins of white calcite or dolomite spar; Marble is a serpentine.

WILLIAMSITA: Variety of olive green serpentine, often with black inclusions.

STICHTITA: Pink, red to purple color. It is caused by transformation of the chromium serpentine.


MYTHOLOGY: In the north of Corsica the magnificent church of San Michele de Murato, forms the colored stripes adorning the walls combine semi-white marble and green serpentine. From pre-Roman times to the Middle Ages it was considered serpentine stone disease protected and spells. grotesque sought amulets ward off "shocks" on this occasion "to scare stones" were cut.


PROPERTIES: It is said that the serpentine balances our mood, reassuring in cases of nervousness and stress and protects against negative energetic influences, allows us to find peaceful solutions to conflicts, it helps to achieve inner peace, is an ideal serpentine stone for meditation and spiritual exploration, cleaning chakra, it promotes mutual support and assistance.

CHAKRAS: Taurus.


ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius.

USES: Meditation, collection, jewelry, sculptures and carving building, substrate for growing plants Hyperaccumulator nickel steely iron To obtain a temperature of 1,535 ° C.