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Tumbled Size 4 Aquamarine

4.00 / unit(s) *

Tumbled 1e Aquamarine

Sizes and weight approx:17x10x9mm-4,6gr
It belongs to the beryl family.
The photo is a random sample.

1.00 / unit(s) *

Tumbled 2e Aquamarine

Sizes and weight approx:22x20x14mm-11,9gr
It belongs to the beryl family.
The photo is a random sample.

2.00 / unit(s) *

Tumbled 3e Aquamarine

Sizes and weight approx:39x26x11mm-21,7gr
It belongs to the beryl family.
The photo is a random sample.

3.00 / unit(s) *


26.00 *


2.00 *

Aquamarine Extra Tumbled Package 200 grms

Packages of 200 gr
Aquamarine was used by sailors who believed that it protected them on their journeys.

20.00 / Package(s) *

Aquamarine Raw Mineral Packet

Weight per package: 150 gr.
Weight for each stone: 8 gr. approx.
Measure: 2,0x1,6x1,4 cm aprox.

12.00 / Package(s) *

Raw mineral aquamarine

1.00 / unit(s) *

Aquamarine Earrings Faceted 02

Sterling silver
Size: 6x4mm

34.00 *

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ETYMOLOGYThe name comes from the latin aqua, aqua marina, sea water. Its name refers to its color.
MINERAL CLASS: Ciclosilicatos.
HARDNESS: 7.5 - 8 in the Mohs scale.
FIELDSMexico, Brazil, Russia, India, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Pakistan, USA.

MINERALOGY: Aqua belongs to the family of beryllium is formed in pegmatites (gabbro = molten rock cools and solidifies) when the solution magma (magma = mass of molten rock) is enriched with beryllium. The substance that gives its characteristic color is iron.

MYTHOLOGY: The name aquamarine there is only since the Renaissance, it is said that the sailors wore as a talisman to avoid drowning. The teal beryllium known for some time it was believed that this gem helped to discern between the false - true friend - enemy. The largest gem quality aquamarine was discovered in 1910 in Marambaya (Brazil). He weighed 110.5 Kg, measured 48.5 cm in length and 41-42 in diameter.

READ MORE: Santa Maria: A term that describes the aquamarine of particularly high quality. T he term comes from the mine of Ceará / Brasil the same name.


PROPERTIES Aqua brings serenity, generates sincerity, consistency, efficiency, dynamism, perseverance, encourages communication.


CHAKRAS: Solar Plexus, throat, brow.
ZODIAC SIGN:Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Pisces. 
USES:Jewelry, meditation.