The term chakra comes from Sanskrit and means spiral or circular point. The chakras are points of inner energy that are constantly rotating and transform, absorb, filter and distribute vitality. When a chakras is open and stimulated, it revitalizes its area of influence and approximates the level of consciousness, which determines the degree of health, lucidity, sociability and competence....

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Chakra 7 Tumbled Stone (Medium)

Product no.: 8B4JD.CHK02

Stone size: 30-35mm approx.

10.00 / Package(s) *
In stock


Product no.: CHK.0BBLQ
18.00 *
In stock

10mm Faceted Ball Chakra Bracelet

Product no.: CHK.0BBBL10
16.00 *
In stock


Product no.: CHK.0BBB08
10.00 *

4mm Ball Chakra Bracelet

Product no.: CHK.0BBB04
6.00 *

6mm Ball Chakra Bracelet

Product no.: CHK.0BBB06
8.00 *


Product no.: 1ED.CHK
14.00 *
In stock

Chakras Ball Pendant 8mm

Product no.: CHK.0BCB08
9.00 *
In stock

New Chakra 7 Thumbled Small Stone

Product no.: 8B3JD.CHK01

Stone size: 20-25mm

4.00 / Package(s) *
In stock

Rough Mineral Chakra Package

Product no.: 8B3JBT.CHK
9.00 / Package(s) *
In stock


Product no.: CHK.0BRHL.E
19.00 *
In stock


Product no.: CHK.0BRHL0
6.00 *
In stock

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