In this section there is a small sample of spheres and balls in semiprecious stones. In the photo sphere of mineral amethyst quartz. Properties of the amethyst: It is a mineral cleanser both physically and emotionally. It is very effective in treating stress and sleep disorders.

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Quartz Crystal Ball Ref:Qcr10

Product no.: 1EB.QCR10
2.7 cm
Weight: 30g approx.
10.00 *

Quartz Crystal Ball Ref:Qcr14

Product no.: 1EB.QCR14
3 cm
Weight: 40g approx.
14.00 *

Quartz Crystal Ball Ref:Qcr143

Product no.: 1EB.QCR143
Weight: 470g
Size: 8cm
143.00 *

Quartz Crystal Ball Ref:Qcr250

Product no.: 1EB.QCR250
Size: 12cm approx.
Weight: 900g
250.00 *

Rose Quartz Crystal Ball Ref:Qro168

Product no.: 1EB.QRO168
Size: 10cm approx.
Weight: 680g
168.00 *
In stock

Black Obsidiana Crystal Ball Ref:Obg35

Product no.: 1EB.OBG35
Measure: 5cm approx.
Weight: 180g
35.00 *

Black Obsidian Crystal Ball Ref:Obg58

Product no.: 1EB.OBG58
Size: approx 6cm.
Weight: 285g
58.00 *

Malachite Crystal Ball Ref:Mqt42

Product no.: 1EB.MQT42
Measure: 4cm approx.
Weight: 135g
42.00 *


Product no.: 1EB.QRU18
5.00 *

Red Agate Crystal Ball Ref:Alr48

Product no.: 1EB.ALR48
6 cm
Weight: 270g approx.
48.00 *
In stock


Product no.: 1EDB1.QMA
12.00 *
In stock

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