Lignum vitae

Lignum vitae

The Palo Santo was already used in the times of the Incas as a purifier of spirits. It is used as incense and in Peru shamans use it to access the spiritual plane.

You have to light it with a flame, then, when the palo santo has been lit, turn it off immediately, that's when it releases its characteristic white smoke and aroma.

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Palo Santo Packages

Package with palo santo woods, perfect for aromatizing and in mythology it is used for rituals.

5.00 / Package(s) *

Palo santo 1 euro

Palo santo wood for 1 euro, the length is approximately 9 centimeters. When the flame goes out, palo santo produces a very aromatic white smoke that is used in rituals. The photo is a random sample of the product for sale.

1.00 / unit(s) *

Palo santo 2 euro

Palo santo wood wand for 2 euros. Approximate measurements, 9 centimeters long. It is used for its characteristic white smoke and aroma when it gives off its white smoke and in rituals to clean stones. The product in the image is a random sample of the product for sale.

2.00 / unit(s) *

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