Shamanic Quartz

Shamanic Quartz

The shamanic quartz receives this name because inside it has inclusions of various types, lepidolite, chlorite, hematite, lepidocrocite ... reminiscent of a small world trapped inside the quartz.

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Lodolite Natural Point No.0103

Approximate size: 5.5x2x1.5cm
Approximate weight: 25gr.

(Quartz Master Temple of Light)

11.00 / unit(s) *

Lodolite Natural Point No.0107

Approximate Size: 6x2x2cm
Approximate weight: 32gr.

It is called the Temple of Light Quartz 

17.00 / unit(s) *

Lodolite Natural Point No.0108

Approximate size: 5.5x2x1.5cm
Approximate weight: 17gr.

It is called the Temple of Light Quartz

9.00 / unit(s) *

Tumbled Shamanic

Approximate size: 10x5x3.5cm
Approximate weight: 180gr.

97.00 / unit(s) *

Lodolite Natural Point No.0203

Approximate size: 9x1,5x1,5cm
Approximate weight: 40gr.

21.00 / unit(s) *

Lodolite Natural Point No.0206

Approximate size: 8x3x2,5cm
Approximate weight: 95gr.

51.00 / unit(s) *

Lodolite Natural Point No.0202

Approximate size: 10x3,5x2,5cm
Approximate weight: 130gr.

It's called Twin Master Quartz

70.00 / unit(s) *

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