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Celestine Druze 001

Product no.: DCEL001

Approximate size: 3x2,5cm
Approximate weight: 50gr.


9.00 *

Celestite Druze 002

Product no.: DCEL002

Approximate size: 4x3,5cm
Approximate weight: 75gr


11.00 *

Celestite Druze 003

Product no.: DCEL003

Approximate size: 4,5x4cm
Approximate weight: 75gr.

11.00 *

Celestite Druze 004

Product no.: DCEL004

Approximate size: 4,5x4cm
Approximate weight: 85gr.


12.00 *

Celestite Druze 006

Product no.: DCEL006

Approximate size: 4,5x4cm
Approximate weight: 65gr.



10.00 *

Celestite Druze 007

Product no.: DCEL007

Approximate size: 4,5x3cm
Approximate weight: 65gr.

10.00 *

Celestite Druze 008

Product no.: DCEL008

Approximate size: 4,5x3,5cm
Approximate weight: 65gr.

10.00 *

Celestite Druze 009

Product no.: DCEL009

Approximate size: 3.7x3.2cm
Approximate weight: 50gr.

9.00 *

Celestite Druze 005

Product no.: DCEL005

Approximate size: 5x4cm
Approximate weight: 95gr.

13.00 *

Celestite Druze 010

Product no.: DCEL010

Approximate size: 4.7x3.5cm
Approximate weight: 95gr.

13.00 *

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ETYMOLOGY: Its name derives from 'caelestis', referring to blue varieties of color.





HARDENESS: 3 on the Mohs scale .

FIELDSMexico, Egypt, Poland, Peru, Libya, Madagascar, Slovakia, Tunisia, Libya, UK.

MINERALOGY: The mineral celestite is a variety of strontium is of the class of sulfates, and subclass of the anhydrous sulfate, salt is formed in the reservoir and in the sulfur; in some ores and within various formations of sedimentary rocks, mainly limestone deposits. They are among limestone and sandstone, coating cavities can be found in blue, yellow, red, white.


MYTHOLOGY: The celestine was discovered in 1781 by the geologist Sicikia and Dolomeu that named stone sulfated ftrontian. In India Celestina used to develop the holy dust, which gives a reddish hue, according to tradition, getting a matchmaker is to have a safe and reliable friend. Formerly the matchmaker was used for the manufacture of ceramics, glass, fireworks and flares.


PROPERTIES: The celestine is especially useful for the arts creative stone, this crystal promotes the purification of the heart and brings good luck, is a stone that brings balance, it is an ideal place to learn to speak from the soul gem, stimulates expression from love and understanding. It is a receiving power stone, structure brings to life, it gives ability to reason and work.


CHAKRAS: Throat, eyebrows.


USES: Meditation, decoration, collection, costume jewelry, is used in the preparation of strontium nitrate fireworks, tracer bullets and other strontium salts used in the refining of beet sugar. It is also used in the nuclear power industry.