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Laser Quartz Natural Point Ref:Qla01

Product no.: 1BP.QLA01
70x20mm approx.
Weight: 31 g arpox.
11.00 *

Laser Quartz Raw Point Silver Pendant

Product no.: QLA.0BCPNP

Approximate size: 4 - 5cm x 1.5cm

12.00 *
In stock

Laser Quartz Crystal Raw Point Gold Pendant

Product no.: QLA.0BCPND

Approximate size: 4 - 5cm x 1.5cm

12.00 *
In stock

Laser Quartz Natural Point N0322

Product no.: 1BP.QLA03.22

Approximate size: 7.5x1.5cm
Approximate weight: 20gr.

8.00 *

Laser Quartz Natural Point N0235

Product no.: 1BP.QLA02.35

Approximate size: 7x1,5x1,5cm
Approximate weight: 27gr.

12.00 *

Natural Point Laser Quartz N0327

Product no.: 1BP.QLA03.27

Approximate size: 9x2x1,5cm
Approximate weight: 36gr.

11.00 *

Natural Laser Point Quartz N03005

Product no.: 1BP.QLA03.005

Approximate size: 6.5x2x1cm
Approximate weight: 32gr.

15.00 *

Natural Point Laser Quartz N03047

Product no.: 1BP.QLA03.47

Approximate size: 10x2,5x2cm
Approximate weight: 96gr.

35.00 *

Natural Point Laser Quartz N0214

Product no.: 1BP.QLA02.14

Approximate size: 11x2,3x2cm
Approximate weight: 76gr.

23.00 *

Natural Point Laser Quartz N0318

Product no.: 1BP.QLA03.18

Approximate size: 7x2,2x1,8cm
Approximate weight: 26gr.

13.00 *

Natural Point Laser Quartz N0401

Product no.: 1BP.QLA04.01

Approximate size: 6.5x2x1.5cm
Approximate weight: 29gr.


15.00 *
In stock

Natural Point Quartz Laser N0352

Product no.: 1BP.QLA03.52

Approximate size: 6x2,5x1,5cm
Approximate weight: 34gr.

15.00 *
In stock

Natural Point Quartz Laser N0332

Product no.: 1BP.QLA03.32

Approximate size: 9x2x1,5cm
Approximate weight: 35gr.

9.00 *

Natural Point Laser Quartz N0403

Product no.: 1BP.QLA04.03

Approximate size: 8x2x1,5cm
Approximate weight: 28gr.


11.00 *

Natural Point Laser Quartz N0308

Product no.: 1BP.QLA03.08

Approximate size: 7x5x2,5cm
Approximate weight: 97gr.

35.00 *
In stock

Natural Laser Point Quartz N0305

Product no.: 1BP.QLA03.05

Approximate size: 7x2,5x1,5cm
Approximate weight: 37gr.


16.00 *

Natural Crystal Quartz Laser Point Pack Mini

Product no.: QLA.8B2P60

Approximate size: 2 x 1 cm
Weight each package: 50 grm.
contains (25) tips approx. in each package depends on the size

12.00 / Package(s) *
In stock

Natural Quarts Mandarine Point Mini pack 60gr.

Product no.: QLM.8B2P60
8.00 / Package(s) *

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ETYMOLOGY: QUARTZ = comes from the Greek word "kristallos" meaning ice and "Hard" in Slavic. 



MINERAL CLASS: Oxides, groups quartz.


HARDNESS: 7 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Brazil.

MINERALOGY: It is a mineral composed of silica, is especially so in acidic igneous rocks but also in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, .the laser quartz grows very fine naturally crystal tapers from the base to the end (tip) sides They are often curved shaping of a "wand".


MYTHOLOGY: The crystals are the oldest used by Mankind (civilizations like theAtlanteans and Lemurians).These crystals are found in South America where they were left there by the lemurs. The mexican holistic specialists know him as VARA LEMURIAN PSYCHIC SURGERY in South America as WAND ATLANTIS grab bar, shamans of North America call QUARTZ KNIFE, and TRIANGULAR ROD ATLANTIS, Celtic generate some very particular sound to chocarlas, sound like bells.


PROPERTIES: Help to concentrate to get our goals, channels and flows of energy leads to its highest point, fosters the spiritual projects, is a agran energy healing tool.




USES: Meditation, healing, collection, jewelery.