Quartz Laser Wand

Quartz Laser Wand

Quartz Laser Wand has a narrow body and a very sharp apex, its sides are irregular. They are also known as Scalpel Wands, Lemurian Wands, Triangular Atlas Atlanteans; some generate a very particular sound when hit, they sound like little bells.

According to the legend, these special quartz tips were used by the atlantes to perform energetic unblocks,

You can find them in different sizes.

The consulted bibliography explains that these points focus energy perfectly and directly.

Cleaning quartz master laser wand: immerse it in salted water or directly in sea salt for a few hours, it can also be cleaned by the smoke of the rosewood or an inscienso.

Energetic charge of the master quartz laser wand: expose it to the light of the Sun, the Moon, on a druse, you can also recharge it by burying it in sand on the beach.