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Crystal Quartz Metal Bracelet

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The quartz crystal rock is the most abundant mineral in the earth's crust, is the main component of many rocks. Its name comes from the Greek "kristalos" meaning ice, because it was believed to be frozen at very low temperature that was impossible its liquefaction.

Quartz in its perfect form are six-sided prisms, although in nature is common to find distrorsionados, forming connections with other few tips or showing only one of its sides.

Quartz geodes are formations with points in its interior.
We are often asked by quartz or rock crystal, well, rock crystal is a variety of quartz, is the clear quartz (when crystallized), while quartz there are other varieties: smoky quartz, rose quartz green quartz, amethyst quartz.

On the other hand, quartz is the best cleaner and neutralizer of negative energies, the best choice for meditation and to cure diseases. It is a mineral that helps us to think positively. It has a large magnetic field which is reinforced our energy field, is also a great balancer of all our faculties absorbing all the negative energies and harmful radiation emitted by electrical appliances: TV, computer, etc.

Feng Shui and quartz

This mineral due to the positive energy and good vibes that bring home favors everything about the sentimental framework.

If you have A Druze or group of crystals we can water with it all our stones because it stores a lot of positive energy that transmits to the others.

Quartz creates a healthy, clean and full of positive energy atmosphere, which contributes to relaxation and inner peace.

Any size quartz is valid for these applications, while Pyramid and sphere are for their way that radiate energy, very interesting. Place a sphere in your office and you will soon feel well due the absorption of negative energies, increase in creative inspiration, and in all that you propose.

Rock crystal quartz is an extraordinary mineral that, for all the energy that encloses, captures the essence of the universe, is a basic principle of electronic (its piezoelectricity). Open the chakras of the head, spleen and throat.

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